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#105: Keeper Clubhouse Clips: Cool Flower Failures, Row Cover Debate, Grow Room Update

by | Mar 3, 2022

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Field & Garden podcast, I’m Jessi Graven from The Gardener’s Workshop. Today I’ve pulled together some clips of Lisa speaking over on the Clubhouse app for your enjoyment. If you’re not familiar with Clubhouse, it’s an audio-only social media app, sort of like a group phone call but with more features. Lisa and I go on there once a week on Wednesdays to cover various flower farming and flower business topics as well as answer listener questions. Today I have for you a couple of great clips from our February chats, covering topics including Lisa’s cool flower successes and failures, a debate about row cover usage, and a rundown of what is currently sprouting in Lisa’s grow room.

On Clubhouse each week we include a link to more information on the topic we’re covering, such as links to blog posts and webinar replays. Here are the ones that we included in these chats:

Webinar Replay Request: Cool Flowers Refresher
Blog: Seed Starting Schedule for Summer Flowers

Are you on the Clubhouse phone app? Join Lisa’s club, called Flower Farming, to be notified when she schedules new chats!

Thank you for joining me here on another episode of The Field & Garden Podcast, I’m Jessi Graven with The Gardener’s Workshop and I hope you have a great day!