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#215: Flower Farmer Reminder List (Best of ’22 Replays)

by | Jan 7, 2023

Part of our “Best of 2022” replay series, listen again as Lisa offers some great tips for building a successful, profitable business!

In this episode, I’m sharing the reminders I wish someone would have tapped me on the shoulder to say “Remember this!” If you are an avid gardener or as I was in the beginning, a gardener gone wild– you can disregard this list. These reminders are for those that want to build a successful, profitable business:

  1. Remember the point: to spend less money than you bring in, better known as profit.
  2. Flowers do not sell themselves.
  3. You must get up every day and keep doing it.
  4. Prevent weeds: paramount. (takes down many potential growers)
  5. Grow what sells.
  6. Stop comparing yourself.
  7. Be a professional no matter what.
  8. Every failure is a potential lesson.
  9. You can do hard things.
  10. Pick up where you are. STOP looking back.

I hope this reminds and helps you. -Lisa


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