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#235: Flower Lover Turned Flower Farmer with Sarah Strouse & Ellen Frost

by | Apr 25, 2023

You never know where your interests and hobbies will take you! Sarah shares her dream scenario here, going from a flower enthusiast in a busy healthcare career to a successful flower farmer. She was introduced to the world of local flowers and her local flower community when she attended a design class at Ellen Frost’s studio, Local Color Flowers. From there, Sarah chose to dive deep into her floral business education and soon moved to the farm she runs today, Strawberry Hill. Now she sells flowers to Ellen!

Here Lisa, Ellen, and Sarah celebrate the flower community and the magic of seeing where your interests and passions will lead you. We hope this interview inspires you to seek out your passions and discover where they may take you one day as well.


Sarah Strouse of Strawberry Hill: @strawberryhillmd on Instagram

Ellen Frost of Local Color Flowers: Website: Local Color Flowers, Instagram: Local Color Flowers, Instagram: Florists Buying Local

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