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2nd Chance to Start a Garden

by | Jan 23, 2009

Happens every year and this is no exception–I go to the garden to take a peek at my hardy annuals planted in fall that provide my early summer blooms. How do they look? Well frozen of course! I panic and think they are dead and rush indoors to start more. This may sound reasonable to some but to others, you may know that this has been happening to me for 11 years.

I look at this little thing I go through as a safety net to make sure I have plenty of flowers come early summer. Now if you go through this same annual event or are just having a hankering to start some seeds that you can actually plant out as soon as they are ready in cold weather–listen up.

Hardy annuals and perennial

seeds can be started now to plant out as soon as they are good size- say 6". Because they survive our winters you do not have to wait until your last frost date has past. Now, with that said, keep in mind because you are planting now and not in fall–you will not get the full benefit of fall planting. The many one being the opporunity of time for the plant to develop lots of roots over fall and winter before spring comes. These great roots give you more drought tolerances, taller flowers, more stems, etc—get it- earlier  you plant the beter, but if you think they are dead or didn't plant, then this is better then no flowers!

To see what you can start now checkout the "fall planted" category in our online garden shop Go to seeds . There are cold tolerant veggies that fall into this category- because so many of you want to grow your food we are adding veggies to our mix. Look for the ones we grow to be in our catalog coming out Feb 09.

Catalog coming Feb 09-Request a catalog

Spring is coming!

Lisa Z