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A week of planting and then off to the Garden Fair!

by | May 5, 2008

This week  I will finally focus primarily on planting the garden–until I leave Friday for the State Arboretum for the Garden Fair I am a vendor in for the weekend. This is the last sale for the season thank goodness, time to get down to business!

This season has been a challenge because of the extended cold rainy season and also because of the none stop wind. My garden is located in a windy location and windy springs are extra hard on us and this is one of those. I discovered this Friday the rocks in the garden I use to hold down my floating row covers have been completely covered by blown soil- I literally couldn’t find them and then discovered they where buried! I had to dig them out! My plants would have all been toast had they not been covered. As it is I would say about 20% didn’t make it.

This is what gardening is all about, when it doesn’t goes as planned, just try again. We do a lot of this. I think that may be part of my ability to succeed as a grower, I don’t spend much time trying to save a situation that is going down- I have no problem scraping it and starting over.

Come to the Garden Fair- see you there! Click here for more info!

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