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Brisk Weather Loving Garden Plants

by | Nov 14, 2012

Monday Nov 11, I gardened in shorts and tank top. Nov 13 it is so cold and wet I can hardly believe it, you have to love Virginia weather!

Even if I don’t care much for the change in weather, the hardy annuals just planted in our garden are loving it. All of garden number one is planted with our spring bloomers.Normally I have them covered with row cover by now for protection from the windy site and deer, however

this year I am delaying it as long as possible for several reasons: allowing the experimental pathway cover crop (winter rye) to grow some, to get our plant hole weeding done without having to uncover and then recover, and I want the beds open for our customer appreciation and open farm on Dec 7 & 8.

What I have learned from not covering immediately is just how these little guys adept to the cold weather. They are growing and behaving like lettuce fresh from the refrigerator- crisp and vibrant on these cold mornings.

Don’t miss December 7 & 8, our Customer Appreciation and Open Farm Days, 9am to 2pm. Come see our garden before we cover for the winter and checkout how our cover crops are making out. Our work building will be open that stocks our online garden shop stock and we will have the best prices of the year on in stock items!Fabulous Christmas shopping. Don’t miss this chance to visit the farm!

Note: Our farm is not open to the public except on occasion. This is normally once in spring at Historic Garden Week and once during the holiday season.