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Cool Flowers outside backJoin me for 12 videos of digging in deeper on how to grow and enjoy the most coveted spring flowers—known as hardy annuals. This group includes bells of Ireland, sweet peas, snapdragons, and other beauties.

My book Cool Flowers takes you by the hand and walks you through what you need to know to change spring forever in your garden. Now, I’m going to be here each week to offer my insights and tips and even some late-breaking additions like more Cool Flowers to add to the list!

Why is it so tough for us to grow this group of flowers successfully, especially those of us that live in the south like me? It’s all about the timing of when we plant them. Everyone can plant hardy annuals; we just plant them at different times according to the zone we garden in. Many of us should plant in the fall, some during winter and others in very early spring—I will demystify and help you know exactly when you should plant for success.

Each week I will post a short video (10 minutes or so.) You will have the opportunity to leave questions and comments right below the weekly video and I will answer your questions!

I look forward to meeting you here and getting the conversation going and helping you have the spring garden of your dreams!

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