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Hi, I’m Lisa

by | Nov 23, 2022

Hi friends, if we haven’t met, my name is Lisa Mason Ziegler. I am the flower farmer, harvester, hustler, weeder, mouthpiece, CEO, and head bottle washer here at 

What began as an adventure back in 1998 of a novice gardener running with her dream of taking her city acre and building a commercial flower farm has come true. And boy has grown, and oh so far beyond growing flowers to sell. 

My little city farm blossomed into an intensely planted, high production flower farm as a result of hard work and getting up every workday and doing it, even when I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I faced unique challenges— as we all do— in business and in life, right? Because of my city location and ordinances, I could not have any structures. This led me down the path of pursuing all I could grow outdoors in a giant garden. In fact, that challenge is what pushed me to explore cool-season hardy annuals early in my business which led to my first published book: Cool Flowers.

Because of my outdoor growing experiences, it has kept me connected and in step not only with flower farmers that may find themselves with similar circumstances, but all I teach and offer benefits home gardeners. Wherever you garden or farm you can apply what I do in your garden, perhaps on different timing but the concepts hold true. 

Through the years I’ve thrown a lot of “business” spaghetti on the wall to see what would stick in the flower farming business world. While I have had a lot of successes and also failures, I am always looking beyond to see how I can fulfill my ultimate vision of helping others make their flower dreams come true. is built on that mission. To help wanna be farmers, beginner farmers, seasoned farmers, and home gardeners to realize anything is possible. My hope is for The Gardener’s Workshop to offer a little of what it takes to do that on a straighter, smoother pathway while avoiding costly missteps.

I love the business that has grown out of my passion to garden on a grand scale and make it my daily work. The icing on my cake is how much it is helping others. 

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The Field and Garden Blog is produced by Lisa Mason Ziegler, award-winning author of Vegetables Love Flowers and Cool Flowers, owner of The Gardener’s Workshop, Flower Farming School Online, and the publisher of Farmer-Florist School Online and Florist School Online. Watch Lisa’s Story and connect with Lisa on social media!