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The Hidden Farm

by | Jan 13, 2012

I am on a quest to find the hidden farm at our place. The hidden farm is not what you think it is or not what I thought it was until I read more of the Winter Harvest Handbook by Eliot Coleman. The hidden farm is the under used or not being used land or resource you already have.

On our farm the goal for 2012 is to turn crops as quickly as possible, beds will not lay bare or finished after their time. Such as, as soon as a bed of sunflowers is harvested, it is mowed, tilled, and planted within just a few days. This hasn’t also been an option for us while doing all the work by hand, but now that we are adding a tractor/tiller/bed maker to our helpers here on the farm this is a reality.

We can almost double the growing square footage of our little farm by finding the “hidden farm” that is right under our nose!

Home gardener’s can certainly do the same. My first thought is making a summer garden a four-season garden. Plant bulbs for spring color, perennials for summer color, shrubs and feature trees for fall color, foliage and berries.

It is often easier to think you could have a better garden or farm if you had more space, but in fact why not make the most of what you have that you are already weeding, mulching and building the soil?

Find your hidden garden! The possibilities are endless.

Happy Winter,