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Here’s what customers are saying about how soil blocking has changed their seed starting experience…

Andrea P. – I’ve had soil blockers for years with mixed success. After finding Lisa’s site and tweaking what I was doing this time around I’ve got great stuff growing. Very exciting.

Lucy S. – I finally get plants that survive. In past, very little luck growing from seed.

Mary D. – Soil Blocking is fun! It is a sustainable way to make little seed beds. I love the way it naturally root prunes. Viva la soil block!

Brenda H. – I can start more seeds in the same space & they are so healthy. Allows more varieties of cut flowers and less mess. Easier & later start dates! WOW!

Linda H. – I have started my own vegetable and flower seeds for years, but since using the seed blocker, I have been way more successful and have started 2 – 3 times more different seeds because it is just so easy and such a better way to grow seedlings. They are healthier and sturdier. Almost all the seeds germinate this way. I now start all my onions from seed and it is so much better than using onion sets. I love my seed blocker!

Bev W. – This is my 2nd year using soil blockers. They are amazing! My cutting garden became exponentially more successful since I’ve been using them to start my seeds. Lisa’s step by step instructions make sowing seeds a simple process. The soil blockers insure that you will have strong, healthy seedlings that will grow into incredibly productive plants. I’ve started many varieties with great results. I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2016 in my cutting garden because I started many plants with the soil blocker in the fall. I’ve sown many more seeds in the past few weeks using the soil blocker and will be planting them out soon. After that, I’ll be starting my warm season annuals using the soil blocker again! I absolutely love this method–it ensures success & healthy plants. I can’t thank Lisa enough for her instruction, website & soil blockers! She’s made my dream of having a beautiful, productive cutting garden come true!

Wayne G. – It has improved germination numbers as well as saved time and energy gathering pots and soil. a wonderful tool that has saved money as well as time.

Wendy H. – Soil blocking is not only fun, it saves time. No sterilizing used plastic containers. Less mess. Just more efficient all around, and transplanting is easy-peasy!

Kasey E. – I didn’t know soil blocking existed until seeing your booth at Bizaar Bizarre last year. I just started seeds a few weeks ago using the soil blockers and so far – so good! The little seedlings seem to be doing well! The blocks are very easy to make. There really is no way to mess it up.

Tammy S. – I tried soil blocking for the first time last year and had great success. The small amount of space that’s needed is amazing but it’s easy to get carried away and plant too many seeds. For years I started my seeds in pots, flats or cells and then I would have to clean them out and store them (because I reused them)… love not having to deal with all of that. Making the blocks is a lot of fun, I totally enjoy it and can’t wait to start.

Beth H. – I learned about soil blocking when Lisa gave a presentation to our Master Gardener class. I was so impressed with this method that I ordered the small blocker kit and several packs of seeds. I germinated leaf and romaine lettuce seeds and was amazed at how sturdy the plants were and how long the roots were when I transferred them to containers. I have since ordered the large blocker. Starting seeds indoors is so exciting! I used to buy all my plants, but I will save money from now on by using the soil blocking method to start my plants from seeds. Thank you, Lisa!

Nancy R. – Super easy, super fast with better germination rates and no transplant shock. No more plastic trays to try and wrestle root bound plants out of, speeds up transplanting tremendously… This is the first time I have used this method, and the last time I’ll use flats. THANKS LISA! You have saved me so much time, and time is money!

Bev W. – Soil blocking = Success! My meager attempts at having a cutting garden were hampered by not being able to purchase plants at the proper time and not much knowledge or skill in starting my own seeds. I tried, but failed to start seed very well using traditional methods. Then, I discovered soil blockers! My cutting garden became an abundant, thriving success. Lisa’s step by step instructions on starting seed with soil blockers changed everything for me. My dream of having a beautiful, productive cutting garden has finally come true!

Seth F. – Using the soil blocker has made starting tons of small seeds a total breeze! If you’re on the lookout for a time-saving tool…look no further!

Kristen M. – I used to dread starting seeds because of how much space other methods take. And they were messy! But soil blocking is neat, compact, fun and lovely!

Melinda G. – I love how easy it is to start seeds with the soil blocker, and how economical, since you only need to put one seed in each block. You can buy fewer seeds and share with friends, as well. I have used mine for years and it is still in perfect condition.

Mary F. – My greatest success with soil blocking has come with starting lisianthus seeds. I have grown them in blocks for the past 3-4 years. They are very slow growers, so I transfer them to larger blocks before setting them in the garden, but the germination rate is excellent. Before blocking germination was very poor.

Drenda C. – Even though my first attempt to soil block was not successful, I will not be daunted! After some coaching from Lisa on what I did wrong, I look forward to perfecting my blocks this season!