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Lisianthus, ABC 2 Misty Pink (F1)

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Lisianthus, ABC 2 Misty Pink (F1) – 50 Seeds

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Lisianthus ‘ABC 2 Misty Pink’ (F1), Eustoma grandiflorum, 50 seeds avg.

 Large double flowers with soft pink petals. Excellent stem length and long vase life.

Planting Tips: 

  • A cool-season hardy annual that prefers full sun.
  • Transplanting is recommended.
  • Start seeds indoors 12-16 weeks before planting date.
  • Do not cover seeds with soil.
  • Allow 10-14 days to germinate.
  • Space plants 4-6” apart in the garden.
  • Grows to 24-36” tall.
  • 140-165 days to bloom.
  • Winter hardy to zone 7.

Harvesting Tips: 

  • Make the first cut of the central stem at almost ground level, just above the lowest two to three side shoots.
  • Harvest when three to four flowers on a stem are open.

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1 review for Lisianthus, ABC 2 Misty Pink (F1)

  1. Donna Hull (verified owner)

    usMichigan, United States

    3rd year trying to grow from this seed after years of getting 3 plug trays from Ball for years before we retired from our full time jobs and mostly hobby farming and moved north. Great success in zone 6 with plugs but total fail with seeds as anticipated since moving. I remember Armitage quote “only masochist try growing from seed”. I’m optimistic that I’ll get at least a few from the 25 seeds I started in soil blocks , 3 tiny ones showing after 14 days. Your blogs have been very helpful. Hope to plant out mid May in 5a. It’s mostly about the challenge at age 75. We love making people smile when presented with flowers, even strangers.

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