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Swift Blocker Mini 27*



Perfect for growers to start large seeds that can grow into sturdy transplants.  

 Green Trays not included.

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Swift Blocker Mini 27*

The Swift Blocker Mini 27 allows farmers and even ambitious gardeners an efficient and fast way to start large seeds like sunflowers, sweet peas, squash, and others using soil blocks. It produces 27 blocks in one load and push, with a footprint of just 4.5" x 14". Watch our video above in the gallery. One set of Mini 27 blocks fits perfectly on our x-large tray or two sets fit on a cafeteria tray. We find seedlings grown in soil blocks are healthier, grow quicker, generally hit the ground running, and suffer no transplant shock. 

Swift Blocker Mini 27:

  • The blocker makes one set of 27 - 1.5” blocks
  • Comes with removable dibbles
  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • Made in Michigan, USA
  • Black coating for corrosion resistance
  • Less stress on the maker's hands and wrist
  • Eliminates transplant shock
  • High rate of germination
  • Earlier blooming and fruiting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Space efficient
  • Blockers come with written how-to instructions & Homemade Blocking Mix Recipe. Soil Blocking Instructions

* Does not include green tray.

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