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Seed Starting Day!

by | Mar 20, 2012

Today is the beginning of our major seed starting for the warm season annuals. Bobo and Kelly will spend two days this week making soil blocks and sowing thousands of seeds with a toothpick!

Our garden is well underway. The fall planted spring blooming garden is just about to begin blooming. As an experiment we have planted a repeat performance of many of those fall planted flwoers again in late winter in an  attempt to extend our bloom times. We will see how it works-

We are still gathering bags of leaves from the curbs of Denbigh residence trying to mulch all of our pathways. I was doing this last evening and was thinking of how the thick layer of leaves takes a dry, bare pathway to a moist, full of living things just by piling leaves 8″ or more deep!

We are using our new bed maker, mulch layer and it is so awesome every time Steve makes one I almost cry.  The labor and effort this implenmen saves us is amazing.

Off to get busy!

Spring has sprung,

Lisa Z