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Sourcing Local Flowers Discussions

In this webinar replay, join Lisa Mason Ziegler of The Gardener’s Workshop and Ellen Frost of Local Color Flowers as they cover 5 easy steps that florists and designers can take to start increasing profits by working with local flowers. Ellen does it, and you can too!

Gretel Adams Joins Lisa & Ellen to chat Florsts Sourcing Local Flowers

Talking to Ellen Frost about design studios and florists selling locally sourced flowers. Farmers you want your florists to learn from Ellen-

Lisa and Ellen chat about Ellen’s online course: Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing

Dave Dowling and Lisa talking about @localcolorflowers!

Interview Replay: What an inspiring conversation! I loved learning about Becca Muller and her flower shop LocaFlora in Gettysburg, PA. She sources all of the flowers, plants, and gifts locally year-round! Such an inspiring business model and journey. Here Becca also shares her experience as a student of Ellen Frost and her course Growing Your Business With Local Flower Sourcing.

Interview Replay: Meet Amy Cordy of Drive By Flowers in Warrenton, VA! We’re so excited for her as she continues to grow her business and spread the word of the value of local flowers! Here, Amy talks about her business and discusses how Ellen Frost’s online course, Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing, guided her along the way.


Monday, 11/07/22, 7:00 pm ET: Ellen & Lisa Q&A on Instagram

Tuesday, 11/08/22, 4:00 pm ET: Ellen & Lisa Q&A on YouTube (and Facebook)

Wednesday, 11/09/22, 12:30 pm ET: Ellen Frost LIVE on Instagram

#195: An Insider Look from Florist Ellen Frost

Seed Talk #9: Dried Flowers – Grow, Harvest, Dry, Arrange & Store with Ellen Frost

F&G #197: What is Frostmas? Winter Local Flower Sourcing with Ellen Frost