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Starting Seeds Today!

by | Mar 19, 2009

Finally the time has arrived to begin the craziness of warm season seed starting. Which for us is about 20,000 seedlings. Because I don't have a greenhouse, I have to start in an assembly line fashion and today it all starts to unfold.

I have room on my heat mats for 7 trays of 240 blocks. Once 50% of these seeds germinate, I move to lights and more trays go on lights. Doesn't take many days to fill my room with seedlings.

I start the slowest growers first: basil, ageratum, celoisa, tomatoes, gomphrena, and peppers. Then I will go to the zinnias, sunflowers and other fast growers.

This year we are starting lots of new varieties of seeds so it will be full of surprises!

Time to get busy.

Checkout my transplant guide on the Learning Center to see when to start your seeds. Learning Center Link

Happy Gardening!

Lisa Z