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They are in the ground! Hooray!!!!

by | Apr 18, 2008

It’s April 18 and I just got what I call my "chance crop" in the ground–pretty late this year. The chance crop is a early planting of zinnias (our my loved crop) in an effort to get them even earlier each year because our customers are always eager for them. Because we actually had frost here the night of April 16 I had been holding them back.

Boy does it feel good to be planting plants for summer flowers! This next week we will spend planting the thousands of little guys that are lined up in my plant room waiting to come out. They will all be immediately covered with floating row cover for wind and critter protection.

Our bluebirds have eggs in the nest–and they are eating lots of mealy worms I get from the bird food store, these birds have trained me well. Every time I walk near the front garden they sit on the sweet pea trellis and stare….it is very hard to resist giving them a few. I am sure Jim, Wild Wings Nature Store owner trains all these birds to do this! I can’t tell you how much fun this is and other birds love the worms also. My friend is feeding them to a mom and dad wren who feeds them to their babies that nested in her garage- they love them too!

Off to Williamsburg for the weekend for a show and to speak "Growing your own Bouquets" –

Happy Gardening!

Lisa Z

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