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Things are looking up!

by | May 19, 2008

I am so happy that my back is aching because I have been mulching with straw all day, hooray! my hoeing days are almost over!! Temps have finally warmed up and grown the plants a bit and dried out the garden good so I felt confident enough to pile on the straw. Mulching small plants, in cool, wet temps tends to rot them. Not a risk I take, so I just hoe the weeds til it passes.

It still amazes me just how quick we go from having just a few flowers to having lots. The garden is on the edge of busting loose over the next weeks. The zinnias, rudbeckias, feverfew, yarrow, sunflowers, basils, and celosia will all the sudden be ready. I actually saw a pink zinnia bloom today, it is almost as good as the first tomato. 

I gave the garden a good meal of liquid Earth Juice "Grow" fertilizer last week and that has helped to put it into warp speed. Remember that when you grow cut flowers or vegetables you must feed your soil more than if you are growing just ornamentals (landscapes or lawns). When you take much from the soil, you must put it back to continue to reap the bounty. We follow the regiment of preparing the garden with compost and dry organic Rainbow Grow powder fertilizer before each planting and then throughout the season use Earth Juice "Grow" or "Bloom" liquid fertilizers to get an abundant bounty from a small space. This is the secret to our incredible volume of harvest on such a small area. Feed the soil folks and you to will have flowers coming out your ears!

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Happy Spring!