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A Warm Christmas Gift

by | Dec 21, 2013

4 days till Christmas. While others are hurrying about preparing as I should be, I have taken a little pause to enjoy the moment, in the garden that is. It is almost as if spring has arrived here in southeastern Virginia even if it is for just a few days. Who would have guessed that just a few days ago it was 20 degrees?


Fall blooming snaps that will survive winter to bloom again in spring—however with this warm weather we may get some blooms sooner!

This is classic Virginia weather, don’t like the weather today? Just wait for 24 hours, it will change. These crazy weather swings are nothing new. As I look back over years of garden journaling I can find some crazy weather swings. I recall all too well the many sudden, out of the ordinary weather patterns. The unpredictable weather challenges are what keep gardening so exciting for me.



False Queen Ann’s Lace transplants

I walked and snooped around the hardy annual gardens yesterday. Boy those little plants are sure looking good, but they are surely confused right about now. Seedlings of seeds that have just sprouted not more than a month ago are gearing-up to grow for all they are worth, enjoying this pardon of winter for some unexpected growing time.  Our transplants are equally as happy, this little burst of additional growing time will surely bring the blooms a bit earlier because they have grown a tad bit more towards their goal.


Love-in-a-Mist seedlings direct seeded last month

During this winter-to-spring break I do not feel the pull to tackle chores. This time of enjoying the garden is shear Christmas bliss for me.

Enjoy your garden in winter; it is perhaps the sweetest time of all.

Merry Christmas to all!




Lisa Mason Ziegler is a commercial cut-flower farmer in Newport News, Virginia; she lectures and writes about organic and sustainable gardening. You can email Lisa at [email protected] , call her at 757-877-7159 or visit her website .

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