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Winter Wonderland

by | Dec 22, 2010

It has already been a very cold and white winter and it is only Dec 22. I am already missing the garden so much. I went to my neighbors the other day for a visit and he had a tomato plant baby he rescued from the garden, oh I love the smell of a tomato plant! I almost brought it home.

Folks tend to think farmers have the winter off, but in fact we are just as busy but without the reward of a garden to gaze at! As I walk the garden every morning, sometimes the beds are covered in frost and sometimes snow, but it doesn't really matter, because it is still a wonderland to me. I feel like I live in paradise.

After Christmas I will go into full swing planning the 2011 garden, all I want to grow new and old. Then comes the plan of where to put it in the gardens and when do we plant it. Is it seed, plants, bulbs or tubers, order all the needed supplies. And then comes the seed starting calendar. Good graciuos we would not get it all done on time with out this.

I try my best to plan the entire year in January so we don't have to think much come spring. It sounds crazy but once the season starts in March there is so much to do that it is the plan that keeps us going in the right direction. At the end of the day the last thing you want to do is try to figure out what you need to do tomorrow.

So winter is for planning and getting smart- read all those books and magazines that you have collected over the season and get busy planning!

Merry Christmas!'