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The Ultimate Guide to Having Spring Flowers!

Cool Flowers from Seed to Harvest

Online course with Lisa Mason Ziegler & Layne Angelo

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Why Grow Cool Flowers?

Start with Success - Choose the Perfect Structure

Cool-season hardy annuals not only survive but thrive in cool-to-cold conditions

Boost Profits - Extend Flower Production Year-Round

They're some of our favorite flowers, like Poppies, Larkspur, and Bells of Ireland

Maximize Yields - Optimize Crop Selection & Rotation

Planted at the proper time, they lead to earlier blooms, longer stems, more pest and disease resistance, and more abundance overall

Who Is This School For?


Flower Farmers

Aspiring Flowers Farmers

Aspiring Flowers Farmers

Passionate Home Gardeners

Passionate Home Gardeners

Flower Lovers at All Levels

Flower Lovers at All Levels

Sneak Peak

Free Sneak Peek

In this FREE video session learn how to grow rudbeckia from seed to harvest.

Your Instructors

 Lisa Mason Ziegler

Your Instructor, Lisa Mason Ziegler

  • Commercial Urban Flower Farmer For 25+ Years
  • Authored 3 Books On Flowers
  • National Speaker
  • Owner Of The Gardener’s Workshop
Layne Angelo

Your Instructor, Layne Angelo

  • Lifelong Gardener
  • 17+ Years Experience Starting Seeds & Growing Flowers
  • Seed Manager at The Gardener’s Workshop
  • Creator & Co-Host of “Seed Talk with Lisa & Layne” Podcast
  • Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering

Included in the Course

BONUS 1: Exclusive 290+ Member Facebook Community

Demo Videos

  • Direct Seeding
  • Sowing Transplants in Soil Blocks
  • Proper Harvest Stage
  • Where to Make the Cut
  • How to Strip Stems
BONUS 1: Exclusive 290+ Member Facebook Community

Imagery of Each Flower

  • Seed
  • Seedling
  • Plant
  • Flower
BONUS 1: Exclusive 290+ Member Facebook Community

How-To Info On

  • Sowing Requirements & Tips
  • Favorite Varieties
  • Spacing
  • Pinching
  • Support Netting
  • & More!

Follow Our Simple Step-by-Step Process

Online Learning at Your Own Pace

Study from anywhere, at any time, on any device for life. Purchase this school today & get full access to all the content immediately at your fingertips!

This comprehensive curriculum is designed to take you flower by flower with OVER 5 HOURS of lessons, how-to videos, and beautiful imagery spread out over 6 bite-sized modules.

Cool Flowers from Seed to Harvest<br />

Course Content

Video Sessions

Flowers Covered

Printable Handouts


• Welcome from Lisa & Layne
• Course Outline & Structure
• Video Playback Tips
• Search Feature
• Contact Information

Cool Flower Basics

Session 1: Introduction to Cool Flowers
Session 2: When to Plant
Session 3: Succession Planting

Seed Starting Tips

Session 1: Timing in Soil Blocks vs. Plug Trays
Session 2: Cool Flower Seed Starting Tips
Session 3: Tips for Sowing Pelleted Seeds
Session 4: Hardening Off
Session 5: Transplant Size Demonstration
Session 6: Direct Seeding Demonstration

Growing & Harvesting Tips

Session 1: Bed Preparation
Session 2: Row Cover Basics
Session 3: Pinching
Session 4: Support Netting
Session 5: Fertilizing Growing Plants in the Field
Session 6: Harvesting & Conditioning Tips
Session 7: Where to Cut
Session 8: Cooler Basics

Cool Flower FAQs & Troubleshooting

Session 1: Seed Starting FAQs & Troubleshooting
Session 2: Timing & Growing FAQs & Troubleshooting
Session 3: Harvesting & Conditioning FAQs & Troubleshooting

Flower Profiles – Direct-Seeded

Session 1: Agrostemma githago – Corn Cockle
Session 2: Anethum graveolens – Dill
Session 3: Bupleurum rotundifolium – Bupleurum
Session 4: Centaurea cyanus – Bachelor Buttons
Session 5: Consolida ajacis – Larkspur
Session 6: Cynoglossum amabile – Chinese Forget-Me-Nots
Session 7: Moluccella laevis – Bells of Ireland
Session 8: Nigella damascena & papillosa – Love-in-a-Mist
Session 9: Orlaya grandiflora – White Lace Flower
Session 10: Papaver nudicaule – Iceland Poppies
Session 11: Papaver somniferum – Giant Poppy Pods

Flower Profiles – Transplants

Session 1: Achillea millefolium – Yarrow
Session 2: Ammi majus & visnaga – False Queen Anne’s Lace
Session 3: Ammobium alatum – Winged Everlasting
Session 4: Antirrhinum majus – Snapdragons
Session 5: Calendula officinalis – Pot Marigold
Session 6: Campanula medium – Canterbury Bells
Session 7: Carthamus tinctorius – Safflower
Session 8: Cerinthe major – Honeywort
Session 9: Clarkia amoena – Godetia
Session 10: Clarkia elegans – Elegant Clarkia
Session 11: Daucus carota – Queen Anne’s Lace
Session 12: Dianthus barbatus – Sweet William
Session 13: Dianthus caryophyllus – Carnation
Session 14: Eustoma grandiflora – Lisianthus
Session 15: Gypsophila elegans – Baby’s Breath (Annual)
Session 16: Lathyrus odoratus – Sweet Peas
Session 17: Limonium sinuatum – Statice
Session 18: Matthiola incana – Stock
Session 19: Monarda hybrida – Hybrid Bee Balm
Session 20: Rudbeckia hirta – Black-Eyed Susan
Session 21: Rudbeckia triloba – Brown-Eyed Susan
Session 22: Scabiosa atropurpurea – Pincushion Flower
Session 23: Scabiosa stellata – Starflower
Session 24: Tanacetum parthenium – Feverfew
Session 25: Xerochrysum bracteatum – Strawflower


Flower Profile Summary – Transplants
Flower Profile Summary – Direct-Seeded
Cool Flowers Planting Time Guide
Transplant Quick Reference Guide
Direct Seeding Quick Reference Guide
Growing & Harvesting Quick Reference Guide
Botanical Name Lookup Table
Zone Planting & Succession Guide – Transplants
Zone Planting & Succession Guide – Direct-Seeded

Risk Free!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Full refunds with no questions asked are given upon email request within 7 days of purchase. Once a refund has been issued you lose all access to the course.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between School courses and Workshops?

Workshops vary from sixty minutes to over 5 hours of instruction, see individual courses for details. Each of these courses offers lots of valuable information on a specific topic that you can digest in a short amount of time and put into action right away.

School course content is much more comprehensive and covers broad topics. School courses are meant to serve as a long-term reference tool that you will use all throughout the course of your flower farming journey. Each course includes 6 modules, which each contain multiple video training sessions, instructor worksheets, and handouts, and an FAQ archive. All of the course sessions (including the FAQs) are searchable by keyword, so you can always find and go directly to the information that you need at any given time.

Does this workshop include floral design training?

No, this workshop does not provide training on floral design or bouquet making. Its primary goal is to teach the Cool Flowers concept.

Why would I buy an online course when there is so much free information on the internet?

It’s true there is a TON of free information floating around out there. But is it reliably correct information? Does it fit your situation, your goals, your experience level? How much time do you have to sort through info from various sources and decide what fits your needs? Purchasing an online course from someone with decades of experience gives you instant access to an organized, detailed, reliably accurate set of lessons to save you time and energy, so you can focus on learning rather than researching.

Do I have unlimited access?

Yes, you have lifetime unlimited access to your purchased courses.

Do I have to watch at a certain time?

You can watch the courses anytime at your convenience. Purchased on-demand courses will appear in your library immediately and will always be there for viewing.

Do you offer course discounts?

Yes, once you are part of our course family (owning any online school or workshop) you will be eligible for $50 off additional Online Flower Farming & Business School courses.

I live outside of the USA, may I purchase a course?

Yes, our online courses are available internationally.

This sounds great, but can it be done in MY region/growing conditions?

YES! We strive to make the lessons in these courses universally applicable across all regions and growing conditions (as proven by our students who range from Alaska to the Tropics!). Rather than just telling you what to do, our courses will teach you how to assess your environment and make decisions based on your specific conditions.  

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