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Fungus Gnat Fighting Set

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Gnatrol WDG & Sticky Traps

Gnatrol WDG - 1 oz package

Fungus gnats can be annoying, especially in your home. Break the cycle by killing the larvae that live in the soil with Gnatrol.

The active ingredient in Gnatrol, Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis, is a biological larvicide that will kill larvae within 24 hours. Use every 5-7 days to interrupt the gnat life cycle. Easy to mix and apply when watering. Mix at a rate of ¼-1 ½ teaspoons per gallon of water for light to heavy infestation. OMRI Listed. Use yellow sticky traps to monitor and capture fungus gnat adults.

Packaging 3.5” x 6” flat

Sticky Traps - 10 cards per pack

Catch adult fungus gnats with yellow sticky monitoring and trap cards. The bright yellow cards attract and trap crawling & flying insects.

How to use: 

  • Remove paper liners to expose sticky surfaces
  • Hang in seedling room or near potted plants
  • Moisture resistant
  • Store in refrigerator to keep fresh and easy to use

Break the cycle and use in connection with Gnatrol, which kills fungus gnat larvae in soil.

9 reviews for Fungus Gnat Fighting Set

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