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Left-Hand Garden Hoe Bundle *


Stand-up Garden Hoe & Japanese Hand Hoe

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Stand-up Garden Hoe & Left Handed Japanese Hand Hoe Bundle *

Stand-up Garden Hoe

The 6-foot Stand-up Garden Hoe makes weeding a breeze! Designed so the gardener stands up straight to weed, no stooping or chopping action involved. The sharp corners of the blade make for easy weeding up close to existing plantings. Takes out those larger, hard-to-remove weeds. View the video below to see how to use it.

  • 59” hardwood handle
  • 7" blade
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Assembly required
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Also known as the Trapezoidal

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Japanese Hand Hoe - left-hand

The Japanese Hand Hoe has become our favorite hand tools. The combination of the angle of the blade and the sharp edge helps to make quick work of most weeding tasks.

  • Overall 13"
  • Blade is 5"
  • Blade is forged of high carbon steel
  • Maintains a sharp edge

It takes out carpets of weeds in one swipe! We use it most often in newly planted beds that have not been mulched yet. They quickly get covered with little weeds and this tool allows us to get right next to our seedlings and swipe away the unwanted weeds.


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