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Hardy-Annual Spring-Blooming  

Seed Collection

Easy Spring 3'x10' Cutting Garden

These easy-to-grow seeds will keep you knee deep in flowers until your summer garden gets blooming. These seeds prefer being planted directly in the garden and in full sun.

These cold-hardy plants thrive when seeds are planted in the fall in Zones 6-9 (yes, the fall) and early spring in Zones 4-5. Don’t know what zone you live in? Click Here and enter your zip code to find out.

Garden Includes:

  • Booklet full of tips by Lisa Ziegler on soil preparing, planting seeds, low-maintenance care and harvesting.
  • Planting diagram to plant a 3' x 10’ cutting garden or a landscape bed.
  • 6 packs of seeds individually packaged
    • Corn Cockle – 50 seeds avg.
    • Pot Marigold Mix – 50 seeds avg.
    • Larkspur Mix – 100 seeds avg.
    • Nigella Love-in-a-Mist Mix – 100 seeds avg.
    • Poppies Mix – 50 seeds avg.
    • Bupleurum – 50 seeds avg.


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