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Zinnia, Giant Cactus 'Inca Orange', Zinnia elegans, 50 seeds avg

Gorgeous cut flower! The Inca Orange Zinnia has large cactus-form flowers with long, spidery petals, brilliant intense orange, double petal rows.

Be sure to read ‘Growing Great Zinnias’ by Lisa Mason Ziegler.

Planting Tips:
  • Full sun
  • 30-36" H
  • Summer Annual
  • Start seeds indoors to transplant to the garden when 2-3 weeks old or plant seeds directly in the garden after last danger of frost and the soil has begun to warm, typically a couple of weeks after the last frost date.
  • Pinch plants at 12” for branching and space plants 6-9” apart.
  • Cover seed 3-5 days to germinate
  • Pinch plants to two sets of leaves when 12" tall to encourage branching
Harvest Tips:
  • Harvest the blooms when fully mature.
  • Make the first harvest cut above the bottom two side shoots, this establishes a branching habit for the season.
  • Make future cuts at the base of the stem.

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