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#112: Bug Talk with Lisa & Rhonda – Helping beneficial insects to take out the pests

by | Mar 19, 2022

Warning friends, this is an episode that may change the way you garden, farm, and view it all.

Meet Rhonda Graves the warehouse manager here at The Gardener’s Workshop. But more importantly, Rhonda has a passion (truthfully an obsession) for all that is happening out in the garden, and friends you won’t believe what is going on out there. Rhonda is a lifelong gardener, an active master gardener, and a master naturalist.

Did you know that the good beneficial bugs in the world outnumber the bad pest bugs by a longshot?

Rhonda and I are sharing our experiences encouraging the good bugs to combat the bad pest bugs. When invited to the garden and kept happy, beneficial insects will do the heavy lifting on pest control.

We want to whet your appetite, share some of the resources we use with the hope that it will inspire you to step away from pesticides. Join us to give a hand to what is going on just outside your backdoor.


Jessica Walliser’s books: Attracting Beneficial Bugs To Your Garden and Good Bug Bad Bug

Doug Tallemy’s book: Bringing Nature Home

Mary Gardiner’s book: Good Garden Bugs

Xerces Resources 

Xerces book: Farming For Beneficial Insects

Lisa’s book: Vegetables Love Flowers

We hope this episode helps you.

Lisa & Rhonda

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