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Online Courses

Online Course Learning is Convenient & Easy!

The Gardener’s Workshop offers self paced online courses on cut-flower gardening, seed starting, organic growing, flower farming, sourcing local flowers, building a business, and more. Our courses are taught by some of the most innovative and dynamic teachers in the farming industry. Why learn from farmers if you are a gardener? Because gardening on a grander scale is what they do every day as their chosen work. Like any profession, mastering the work to find the most efficient, easiest, and cost-effective way is what leads to success. Flower farmers are no different. Our instructors are sharing their years of first-hand experiences in both gardening and farming. You’ll love learning from online courses. It’s much like an in-person class but even better because you can watch at any time and for as many times as you want because you have forever access. It’s like purchasing a book, but instead of reaching for the book, reach for a device with internet access and log in to your course library to access your purchased courses.


Workshops vary from sixty minutes to over five hours of instruction, see individual courses for details. Each of these courses offers lots of valuable information on a specific topic that you can digest in a short amount of time and put into action right away.

Farming & Business School Courses

School course content is much more comprehensive and covers broad topics. School courses are meant to serve as a long-term reference tool that you will use all throughout the course of your flower farming journey. Each course includes 6 modules, which each contain multiple video training sessions, instructor worksheets and handouts, and an FAQ archive. All of the course sessions (including the FAQs) are searchable by keyword, so you can always find and go directly to the information that you need at any given time.