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Holding Solution T-Bag

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Holding Solution T-Bag – 100 Count Small
Holding Solution T-Bag – 2 - 100 Count Small
Holding Solution T-Bag – 100 Count Large
Holding Solution T-Bag – 2 - 100 Count Large

Cut-Flower Holding Solution T-Bags

Holding Solution provides hydration and just enough food for stems to thrive but slows down development during the display or distribution stage. Perfect for growers to use following the CVBN tab pretreatment. Use in market display buckets, commercial customer orders (florist and supermarkets), and in buckets of stems being held. Helps to prevent premature development.
  • Drop 1 T-Bag per bucket of water.
  • Powder permeates the T-Bag and self distributes.
  • Leave T-Bag floating for visual confirmation of use.
2 sizes available:
  • Small T-Bag for 1/2 gallon of water. Good for small buckets similar to supermarket black buckets.
  • Large T-Bag for 1 gallon of water. Good for 5-gallon buckets and Percona boxes.

excellent indicator to your commercial customers that you use flower conditioning products.  T-bag application eliminates measuring errors and waste.
To extend vase life even longer send Fresh Cut-Flower Food packet home with your retail customers.
Request Lisa's article Making The Most of Your Cut Flowers that gives the steps she follows to condition flowers.
Listen to Lisa's Podcast Helping Cut Flowers Last Longer

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100 Count Large, 100 Count Small, 2 – 100 Count Large, 2 – 100 Count Small

19 reviews for Holding Solution T-Bag

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