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Florist School Online: Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing

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Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing

with Ellen Frost

Learn to Build Your Floral Business with Locally Grown Flowers! Calling aspiring & established florists, farmer-florist, and flower farmers to learn how to embrace, participate, & build a business with locally sourced flowers.


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Florist School Online: Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing

Meet Ellen Frost

Ellen Frost loves flowers. Even more, she loves owning and operating a flower studio that exclusively sources local flowers. Ellen founded her company, Local Color Flowers, in 2008 as a part-time wedding floral business to provide Baltimore area couples a more sustainable flower option for their celebrations. Over the past 15 years, Ellen has grown Local Color Flowers into a thriving business adding floral design classes, corporate events, subscriptions, and retail as well as creative social and educational community events – all using 100% locally grown flowers. Ellen’s business is a vital contributor to Baltimore’s local economy and a vibrant community resource. Ellen, herself, is an innovative entrepreneur and expert in the floriculture industry sought-after for teaching, business consulting, podcasts, interviews, panels, and speaking engagements both locally and nationally.

A Masters of Business Administration (MBA) graduate and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified professional, Ellen has valuable credentials and years of business experience. Her training in operations management, supply chain, and social entrepreneurship provides a unique professional perspective among floral designers. With all her time in the classroom and boardroom, Ellen has not been shy to get her hands dirty. While achieving her Master Gardener certification from the University of Maryland Extension program, Ellen worked several seasons for Breidenbaugh Farm in Carney, MD planting, watering, harvesting, weeding (so much weeding), and selling at market.

Ellen was recognized in 2016 by the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers with the Allan M Armitage Award for Leadership for her business success, commitment to locally grown flowers, and role in developing the US floriculture industry. She has mentored and supported new growers in Maryland for years including a buying promise of the new growers’ entire first-year harvest. She writes a regular column for Cut Flower Quarterly with Laura Beth Resnick of Butterbee Farm called “The Farmer and the Florist.” Ellen has taught over 100 design and business courses to garden clubs, flower enthusiasts, budding entrepreneurs, and students from grade school to graduate school, in addition to her formal business consulting relationships.

Ellen is excited to tell the stories of her love affair with flowers and share her business insight and years of experience through her online course: Florist School Online: Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing.

Note of interest: Listen to the podcast of the Botanical Brouhaha chatting with Ellen Frost about starting her business, how it works, and a list of how she is leading her business through the 2020 pandemic.

Listen to all of Ellen’s Podcast: Florists Buying Local. 

View Ellen’s blog: Vicarious Florist

 Podcast: The Secret Power of Local Flowers, meet Ellen Frost



What Students Are Saying About This Course!

9 reviews for Florist School Online: Growing Your Business with Local Flower Sourcing

  1. Tracy Case


  2. Jenn Campbell

    Ellen’s course emphasizes local flower sourcing for florists but it’s so much more. It’s a roadmap for how to relate to others in your industry, from the grower, through the florist, and to the customer. As a new studio florist and grower, determined to build my business on local product, Ellen has given me great ideas to help me reach out to both ends of the flower chain. From the course, I began my first year selling flowers with a good grasp of what to expect in the relationships I’ve made; the challenges we might come across and ways to constructively resolve them. Now with the main season here finished, I have already sat down and laid out my plan for next year and ideas for 2023 because Ellen has really helped me think critically and strategically about how I want to make my own business bloom.

    I want to emphasize that this course is a great resource for florists, but also for farmer-florists and farmers selling to local florists and more directly in their community.

  3. Zoe Dellinger

    Ellen’s passion for using local flowers is contagious and teaching style is so engaging. She provides so many real life examples from her own business experience that illustrate the concepts she presents. Her business model of supporting local businesses and community engagement with her “flower people” is awe inspiring to me.
    Ellen’s course provides the knowledge and tools to “be an expert” in your florist/farmer/farmer florist business. I am a micro flower farmer specializing in dahlias and heirloom flower varieties- and I gained so much knowledge about the floral industry. I am drilling down on “who my flower people are” and how I can be the floral expert they turn to for quality flowers, thank you Ellen!

  4. Samantha Ortiz

    Ellen’s course was incredibly valuable to me as a specialty cut flower grower. Ellen has deep expertise in the flower industry as a whole, and she has a uniquely important role as someone in the local flower world. I was able to take her curriculum and start building relationships with designers, florists and wholesalers in a way that worked for all of us. I’m so happy that I invested in myself and my business by participating in this course.

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