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So many different walks of life!

by | Sep 5, 2019

I still have this job too, mowing pathways.

Part of my job here at The Gardener’s Workshop job has become communicating what we do here and the ways we offer to share, educate, and supply what you need. As we are heading into the once a year enrollment period for Flower Farming School, I find myself totally submerged in getting that word out. A big part of that message is what the school is all about and who benefits from enrolling.

So, as I’m reading through lists of comments and reviews from 2018 students to get ideas, I was struck by the different walks of life they’ve come from and how they have stepped outside of their comfort zone.  I decided instead of writing how Flower Farming School can be beneficial to different interest groups from gardeners wanting to learn stellar gardening techniques to pursuing dreams of becoming a farmer to designers growing their own flowers—I’d let you read some of their words!


Excerpts from 2018 student comments and reviews of Flower Farming School:

Gardener turn farmer: I just completed the flower farming course. I’m so glad I made the decision to do this. Even though I’ve been gardening forever, commercial farming is completely different and Lisa explains her process/plan so well. I can definitely say I am more prepared to jump into this journey with her guidance. Brenda

A floral designer writes: This course is not just for commercial scale growing, its also for someone like me who wants to grow flowers for floral design. Lisa will share with you her best practices, the best longest lasting flowers to grow, which to avoid to keep your garden as pest free as possible and also teaches you about soil building as so much more. Alicia

Gardener learning techniques: As a home gardener I have learned much from this class that I have already put into practice!  It is money and time well spent. If this had been available years ago, I would have saved money and heart and back aches doing things the hard way. Susan

Vegetable and flower grower and restaurant owner: This is one of the very best classes and learning experiences that I have ever participated with! If you are interested in growing cut flowers, you won’t find a better class than this one. Lisa is exceptional! Kenny

Gardener dreaming of becoming a flower farmer: I appreciated all of the valuable information that you shared and the community that you created! As a backyard gardener who dreams of turning a hobby into something more I found your classes enlightening and very straight forward in relating what it takes to make a cut flower business thrive. Thank you! Kaylin

5 year flower farming veteran: This course is for every level of flower farmer. I am five years in and wish that I had this course at the beginning, it would have saved me so much heartache. It taught me so much about efficiency, and how to streamline our operation, as well as marketing. My husband and I are so grateful Lisa that you shared your wealth of knowledge and experience, and your true talent for teaching with us all. Jennifer

Outside the USA: Everything in this course was so practical and efficient! Before this course I was wondering how you could learn from an online course. In these last weeks I have learned so many new things for my starting flower farming business ‘Buitenbloemen’ in Belgium. Kristien 

Convinced my husband: What a valuable course this has been! You have made my “far-fetched” dream seem very doable. My husband has even been convinced. I have been amazed at your efficiency and thoroughness in answering all of the questions. Julie

Skeptical of online courses: This course blew me away! Lisa is down to earth and tells it like it is! This information has been invaluable.. My partner who was skeptical of me taking an online course about farming, is now a believer and has been telling all his family and friends about how helpful this course has been. Thank you Lisa for making this affordable, informative, and fun program! It’s honestly the best course I have taken as an adult. Kayla 

Master gardener: I’m going into my third year flower farming. I’m also a Master Gardener with a lot of years of gardening behind me. My biggest concern going into this course was that it wouldn’t be in-depth enough for me, or would just cover things I already knew. However within minutes of watching the first video I nearly started crying because it was exactly what I needed to hear. I love this course! Lisa covers the nitty-gritty of flower farming with charm and a down to earth, straight forward approach. Fawn

2nd year farmer: This course is so valuable. As a second year flower farmer, I have learned so much – and discovered how much I was doing incorrectly. The course has given me a path to follow with wonderful directions. Betsy 

Take away message: If I could sum up this course in two words it would be to strive towards simplicity and efficiency. You really demystified flower farming and it has been a FABULOUS course. I appreciate you sharing all the practical aspects of flower farming, such as, demonstrating through photos and videos where and how to cut flowers for harvest was invaluable. Jessica 

Answering questions: I really have enjoyed this course, especially the realism you share. The course was truly worth the money!! I had so many questions, but you keep answering them before I can even ask. Jane


These are just a few of our student experiences. You can read more here.

What stands out to me from reading their comments is that if you have a love of gardening and want to learn more, our Flower Farming School Online Courses can deliver. We welcome you no matter what walk of life you come from or are going into! 

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