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#10 – Bicolor Sunflowers – Meet Our Favorite New Variety

by | Nov 10, 2022

Looking for a flower with eye-catching color combinations to add interest to your bouquets? Bicolor sunflowers feature striking blends of yellow, orange, or buttercream petals brushed with plum, burgundy, or rust tones near the flower centers. Join Lisa and Layne as they provide an in-depth look at bicolor sunflowers, including the ideal time of year to grow them. Plus, they introduce their favorite new variety, ‘Marley’, which holds onto its multi-tonal petals longer than other bicolor sunflowers. Listen to the podcast and learn all about these colorful beauties!

The video version of Lisa and Layne’s conversation featuring a slideshow of the sunflowers discussed will be posted to The Gardener’s Workshop’s YouTube channel, where all “Seed Talk” episodes are organized into a playlist. In addition, auto-generated transcripts are available for viewing on YouTube. If there is a question or topic you would like to hear discussed on a future episode of “Seed Talk”, please fill out the form linked below. We would love to hear your suggestions!


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The “Seed Talk with Lisa & Layne” podcast is produced by The Gardener’s Workshop and co-hosted by Lisa Mason Ziegler and Layne Angelo. Lisa is the founder and owner of The Gardener’s Workshop, where Layne works as Seed Manager. Lisa is the award-winning author of Vegetables Love Flowers and Cool Flowers and the publisher of Flower Farming School Online, Farmer-Florist School Online, and Florist School Online. Watch Lisa’s Story and connect with her on social media. Layne is an avid gardener, seed starter, and engineer who loves learning and applying her technical knowledge to all areas of life, including gardening and growing flowers. Thanks for joining us!