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#49 – Cool Flowers Fall Planting Checklist

Did you know that fall is the perfect time to plant cool-season hardy annuals for a bountiful, flower-filled garden next spring? Wondering what to plant when, and how to adjust your grow room to provide the optimal environment for cool flower seeds and seedlings?...

#48 – Amaranth Growing Guide

Looking for the perfect flower to add interest, texture, and color to your fall bouquets? Today, Lisa and Layne discuss all things amaranth. They compare the upright and trailing forms of amaranth and cover how to prevent leggy seedlings, the ideal head size for use...

#46 – Ornamental Kale for Fall

Did you know that there are gorgeous varieties of kale that grow tall enough to be used in bouquets? Today, Lisa and Layne discuss one of fall's most beautiful cut "flowers" - ornamental kale. They cover the differences between cut-flower and bedding or culinary...

#45 – Japanese Beetles

Are Japanese beetles destroying your plants? Wondering what you can do to reduce the population of these pests in your garden or on your farm? Today, Lisa and Layne are joined by The Gardener's Workshop's warehouse manager and bug enthusiast Rhonda Graves to tackle...