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#133: The Past, Present and Future of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

by | May 7, 2022

Steve and Gretel Adams have become very well-known in the cut flower growing world. They went from homesteading market gardeners on a quarter-acre plot to “rock star” cut-flower producers with over 17 greenhouses and 20 employees! Have you ever wondered how they got their start? How Sunny Meadows Flower Farm came to be? In this interview they talk through the progression of their business, including:

  • Specializing in certain crops
  • The fear of hiring and managing employees
  • Scaling up over time
  • Quality of life investments & finding balance
  • The future of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm

This episode is packed with great business and general life advice!

Links & Mentions:

Book: The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook

Flower Farming School Online: Growing Cut-Flower Crops in Hoops & Greenhouses

More from Sunny Meadows Flower Farm: Website  Instagram  TikTok

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