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#97: Flower Colors For Your Market with Jonathan Leiss

by | Feb 19, 2022

In this episode, Jonathan Leiss of Spring Forth Farm and I discuss how his focus on flower colors is directly connected to what his customers want and need. His specialized business model is harvesting and selling flowers in early spring to early summer when demand and profits are high. This model allows them to fully embrace their homesteading lifestyle and pursue a business that fits their family.

To learn more about Spring Forth Farm:

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Jonathan and Megan’s online course: The No-Till Micro-Scale Flower Farm  

Flowers mentioned in our discussion:

Here’s a list of the white flowers we grow:

Ammi majus
Anemones Galilee White — most profitable crop on our farm
Campanula Champion White
Dianthus Bodestolz White
Digitalis Camelot White or Cream Larkspur — any series they all seem similar to us
Peonies — varieties appropriate for your climate
Ranunculus — Amandine White, Half-Clone Iceberg
Saponaria White — favorite filler of all time
Snapdragons Chantilly White, Madame Butterfly Ivory
Stock Noble White, Cheerful White, Cheerful Midseason White (all high double — we found the HD Katz White to have weak necks)

We no longer grow:

White Yarrow (the regular millefolium white — heads not large enough for our market)
Agrostemma — pain in the butt to harvest
Lisianthus — amazing white varieties available, but don’t fit into our season. We grew ABC but there are lots of new options
Godetia White — we grow other colors. The white was a little boring and didn’t sell well

Hosted by Lisa Ziegler

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