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Heat Mat – Small

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Warm soil leads to more seeds germinating and quicker.
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Seed Starting Heat Mat - Small

The most common reason seeds don't sprout indoors is because the soil is to cool. Sow seeds, place tray on heat mat, leave there until 50% of seeds begin to sprout. Then move to 16 hours of light a day until moved outdoors.

  • Seed starting heat mat has a built-in thermostat that maintains soil temperature 15-20 degrees above room temperature.
  • Warm soil leads to more seeds germinating and more quickly.
  • Grows bigger, healthier plants.
  • Mat can support 3 trays  (from 120-180 small blocks), 9” x 19”.

Here is what customers are saying about how soil blocking has changed their seed starting experience.

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16 reviews for Heat Mat - Small

  1. Renee Coyle (verified owner)

    usTexas, United States

  2. Karen (verified owner)

    usGeorgia, United States

  3. Karyn S. (verified owner)

    usVirginia, United States

  4. NORMAN KAUAHI (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

    Would have given 5 stars, but until I hear back from my nephew, the gift recipient, had to hold back 1 star.

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