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All Things Soil Blocking

Soil blocking is a simple and easy way to start seeds in a home setting.  We use the small blocker for most of our flower, vegetable, and herb seeds. The large blocker is perfect for planting those larger seeds like squash and sunflowers. There are no pots or trays to store or purchase each year. We use trays with no drainage holes so it can be done anywhere indoors. We find that the seedlings are healthier, grow quicker, and in general hit the ground running and suffer no transplant shock.

Soil blocking is a game changer! Seeds germinate in record time and the germination rate is so much higher than when starting seeds with conventional methods. I could not believe my eyes when some seeds had germinated in 24 hours.

Soil blocking is not only fun, it saves time. No sterilizing used plastic containers. Less mess. Just more efficient all around, and transplanting is easy-peasy!

Using the soil blocker has made starting tons of small seeds a total breeze! If you’re on the lookout for a time-saving tool…look no further!

Love how easy it is to start seeds with the soil blocker, and how economical, since you only need to put one seed in each block. You can buy fewer seeds and share with friends, as well. I have used mine for years and it is still in perfect condition.

Here is what customers are saying about how soil blocking has changed their seed starting experience.