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Online Workshop with Lisa Mason Ziegler

Growing from seed can feel overwhelming, but Lisa’s expert seed starting methods, perfected over 25+ years of flower farming, ensure healthier root systems, and increased plant vigor. This 1.5 hour course will help anyone confidently start from seed.


Lisa Mason Ziegler
(26 customer reviews)

Start Seeds Like The Pros!


Boost Germination Rates

Detailed video lessons provide step-by-step instruction

Grow Thriving Transplants

Learn to nurture seedlings indoors and how to plant them in the garden

Gain Confidence

These 4 lessons will take you from novice to pro in under 2 hours

Budget-Friendly Ideas

Learn how to invest in low-cost tools with high yields
Your Instructor: Lisa Mason Ziegler

Your Instructor, Lisa Mason Ziegler

Pioneering Urban Flower Farmer

Lisa brings over 25 years of expertise in urban flower farming, sharing invaluable knowledge with gardeners and flower farmers alike through her innovative practices and techniques.

Accomplished Business Owner

As the founder of The Gardener’s Workshop, Lisa offers comprehensive online courses and curates a selection of seeds, tools, and supplies favored on her farm.

Esteemed Author

Lisa has penned three influential books on flower cultivation, including her latest work, The Cut Flower Handbook.

Influential National Speaker

A sought-after presenter at national conferences, Lisa inspires the next generation of flower growers with her expert methods and passionate philosophy.

Lisa’s Past Speaking Engagements

In This Online Course – You Will Learn:

Lesson 1 (24 mins)

Learning What a Seed Needs

Lisa sets the ground rules for depth, moisture level, & temperature for great germination.

Lesson 2 (25 mins)

Planting Seeds Outdoors

Tips to turn your dirt into lush soil perfect for seed sowing outdoors.

Lesson 3 (51 mins)

Starting Seeds Indoors

Learn how to make & maintain soil blocks along with which size blocker to use.

Lesson 4 (16 mins)

Seed Starting Tips

Check out Lisa’s recommended budget-friendly home seed starting setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between School courses and Workshops?

Workshops vary from sixty minutes to over four hours of instruction, see individual courses for details. Each of these courses offer lots of valuable information on a specific topic that you can digest in a short amount of time and put into action right away.

School course content is much more comprehensive and covers broad topics. School courses are meant to serve as a long-term reference tool that you will use all throughout the course of your flower farming journey. Each course includes 6 modules, which each contain multiple video training sessions, instructor worksheets, and handouts, and an FAQ archive. All of the course sessions (including the FAQs) are searchable by keyword, so you can always find and go directly to the information that you need at any given time.

May I watch more than once?

You have lifetime unlimited access to your purchased courses.

Do I have unlimited access?

You have lifetime unlimited access to your purchased courses.

Do I have to watch at a certain time?

You can watch the courses anytime at your convenience. Purchased On-Demand Courses will appear in your library immediately and will always be there for viewing. 

Do you offer course discounts?

Yes, once you are part of our course family (owning any online school or workshop) you will be eligible for $50 off additional school courses.

I live outside of the USA, may I purchase a course?

Yes, our online courses are available internationally.

Are the courses focused on growing in a specific region or area?

No, the courses are based on methods to apply to any growing area.

Student Testimonials

I love that I can go back and watch the videos over and over”  – Summer

Lisa has inspired me to try new things and takes the fear out of soil blocking” – Denise

The seed starting course was clear and really made the process straightforward.
– Melissa

Soil blocking is the most environmentally friendly way to go and Lisa shows you what a space saver it can be too!”  – Stefanie

Risk Free!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Full refunds with no questions asked are given upon email request within 7 days of purchase. Once a refund has been issued you lose all access to the course.

100% Money Back Guarantee

What Past Students Are Saying

26 reviews for Seed Starting Made Easy Online Mini-Workshop

  1. AnnMarie Gaynor

    Great seed starter information in this mini course

  2. Connie Ogasawara

    Anything that Lisa does is exceptional! This course is no exception. I’ve learned so much!

  3. Jennifer Butler

    All of Lisa’s books, podcasts, videos, and online courses have been indispensable in my “flower education”. Her warmth and approachable demeanor equal her knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend any of her products.

  4. Ruth Ann

    Lisa is such a great teacher. She makes everything easy to understand when it comes to starting seeds.

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