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Seed Starting Doesn’t Have to be This Hard!

by | Mar 9, 2021


I was right there with you and the other 98% of the world trying to start seeds, failing and feeling defeated.

I gave up and moved on to buying plants—but then I stumbled onto the a few simple steps to follow on seed starting and I literally became an overnight success. Well, maybe not a “success” out of the gate, but I began starting from seed and growing plants. I can’t even tell you how rewarding, satisfying, and happy this made me.

Success came when I:

  1. Selected seeds to start that were easier to succeed with while learning.
  2. Learned what each seed needed to start and then provided it.
  3. Provided the basic care to grow healthy transplants.

Resources Mentioned:

Seed Starting Made Easy, my 90-minute online course teaching starting seeds indoors using the soil blocking method and how to plant and start seeds outdoors in the garden, $19.95.

Easy flower seeds to start that I also grow in my garden. I have learned through the years that there are tons of easy seeds to start and grow. They are the foundation of my flower farming business.

Seed Starting Equipment. Having the tools you need to provide what the seeds need to sprout and then to grow indoors until they can be planted outdoors is essential to success.

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