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The Legend of Farm Dog Babs — Video Blog

Babs loved string beans, happy for one, hoping for fifty.

Babs was a golden retriever that lived on our flower farm in southeastern Virginia. She spent her days supervising farm work from the shade and cruising the gardens picking her own flowers and vegetables. At the end of the work day, you’d find her curled up on the couch drifting off to sleep to dream of tomorrow’s adventures. Farm Dog Babs was like no other dog, our sweet brown-eyed girl will be missed by many.

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 Read the blog about the loss of Babs: The Blessings of a Snowstorm, January 11, 2017.
 Babs the Greeter:

Babs Battle Run


Cute butt

Farm dog Babs loves rolling

Babs gets a snack choice

Getting some sunshine

Babs eats more veggies then the average girl!

A girls has to have a clean face!

Go girl!

Babs hammering down on the strawberry patch

Snack time!

Babs needs no help picking strawberries

Earning a treat!

Nap time, while we all work!

Snack Choices

Throw Back Babs Video


Babs has a Visitor…FiDough


Its so fun to be Babs!

A Girl and her Purse

Special Delivery

Farm Dog Babs on the hunt…with some help!

Farm Dog Babs on the hunt for a fresh radish to eat.

Farm Dog Babs running with the horses.

Farm Dog Babs favorite toy…
Farm Dog Babs…caught in the act!