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Getting Started from Seed: A Simple Success!

Reasons to start your own seeds:
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Selection
  • Plant quality
  • Organic method
  • Rare and unusual varieties
  • Cut Flower varieties
  • In-season selection
Lisa’s seed groupings:
  1. Indoor – this group prefers to be started inside where conditions are controlled.
  2. Outdoor – this group prefers going straight into the ground where they will not be disturbed and temperatures vary.
  3. Indoor/Outdoor – this group can go either way!
Why “Soil Block” to start your seeds?
  • Earlier harvest
  • No transplant shock
  • Start many plants in small space
  • Plant thinning is eliminated
  • Consistently works
  • Easy to do
  • Economical
  • No clutter of containers to store
  • For complete blocking instructions, visit our online Learning Center
Tips to successfully start seeds indoors:
  • Do not start too early
  • Start with fresh seed
  • Use bottom heat for germination
  • Provide 16 hours of artificial light once seeds have sprouted
  • Begin to feed with organic liquid fertilizer when first leaves develop
  • Move to garden as soon as weather permits
Planting seeds directly in the ground:blovk-seed
  • Using a trowel or your hand, draw a line in the bed or make depressions in the soil with your hand in a grouping pattern to plant your seeds in. This line or depression is shaped similar to a “V” like atrough that is approximately 1-2” deep. The seeds will be planted at the bottom of the “V” trough. This helps direct water to the seeds and makes it easy to see where you’ve planted.
  • For small seeds, pick up several between fingers and sprinkle in the bottom of the trough, larger seeds can be spaced every 3-4”. Cover the seeds according to directions, firming in with a light touch of your hand.
  • Water in well and keep moist until they have germinated, which can be 4 – 30 days depending on your conditions. Covering with a floating row cover for 10-14 days after planting will  enhance germination greatly.
  • This cover helps to retain soil moisture, protects from the hot sun and drying winds, and it keeps rabbits, squirrels and other pests at bay.
  • When the plants are 4-6” tall, thin to the recommended spacing.
  • For weed control, hoe between rows and hand weed until plants are 6-8” tall and can be mulched.

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