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Irrigation Sneak Peek


Have you ever wondered what an online session in my course looks like? Well, today is your lucky day, because I’m giving you a sneak peek inside Flower Farming School Online: The Basics, Annual Crops, Marketing, and More!

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This is one of the fifty-four sessions in the course. I wanted to share a lesson that could help you right now and benefit your garden and your business—because irrigation is definitely a piece of smart business practices. Plus, I wanted to provide the supplier list to make it super simple to get started and to just DO IT!

While my course includes fifty-four sessions that cover a lot of information, it offers even more.

  • The previous year’s Q&A
  • Mini and bonus training sessions
  • Searchable catalog of question and answers direct from Lisa
  • Plus, all the network and support opportunities inside our private Facebook Community

Go on and watch y’all. Learn how easy it is to give life-changing water to grow your farm and your profits!  (I am not even going to put here how many hours and hours of spot-on content is in this course…)

Water the garden and your dreams!


Lisa Z