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The Top 5 Cut-Flowers to Grow

Think it’s just a dream to step out of your backdoor and cut flowers for the kitchen table? Make it so when you plant the flowers that farmers grow!  This selection of flowers are the workhorses of our operation. They are easy to grow, prolific and gorgeous!

Who are they?

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Why these?

They are easy to start from seed, bloom all summer and just so happen to be the workhorse flowers behind our cut-flower farm.

How do we know?

Because we have grown them for years. We do grow others flowers too, but this group is the meat and potatoes of our production. They are the favorites of our cut-flower customers because of the endless color selections and long vase life.

Want an entire summer of cuts?

Make it a small cutting garden (suggested 3’ x 10’ garden) and harvest it twice weekly no matter what! You won’t believe how many flowers it will produce. Plant it more than once. We plant these same flowers several times throughout the summer, once a month until July 15. This keeps us knee deep in flowers!

Grow like a flower farmer!

  1. You can plant your seeds directly in the garden or start them indoors. When planting outdoors, cover with a row cover to increase sprouting and decrease watering chores.
  2. Use flower support netting to keep your flowers growing up and straight even in rain and wind. Read Lisa’s blog on netting here.
  3. Feed your flowers regularly with organic fertilizer to keep the blooms coming.
  4. Once the harvest starts use sharp bypass cutting shears and a clean container full of water with cut-flower food.