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Week 5: Flower-by-Flower

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Welcome to week 5! Learn how important it is to read the plant profiles of the 30 featured flowers in Cool Flowers to make your planting a success. Once you understand the profile, you will know what and if you can fall plant which is such a benefit. No worries if you can’t, because everyone can plant in very early spring no matter where you garden!

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Lisa’s takeaway notes:

If I was a home gardener: I’d be thinking of all my neighbors that are going to be eyeballing all the gorgeous blooms in my spring garden and wondering why they can’t find them for sale down at the garden center! Woohoo!

If I was a flower farmer: I’d be thinking of all the spring cash crops I can grow that don’t require hoop house protection and how I can extend the bloom season with fall and early spring plantings!

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