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Bulbs Discussions

Lisa & Dave LIVE Q&A: Do I have TIME for this?

Lisa & Dave LIVE Q&A: Can I afford this course?

Lisa & Dave LIVE Q&A: Is this course right for me?

Lisa interviews Nicole of Flower Hill Farm

Listen as a podcast: #146: Lisa chats with Nicole of Flower Hill Farm

Join Lisa and Dave Dowling for a chat with Tim of Running Hills Farm

Tim and Betsy’s Wisconsin farm has seen dramatic growth in the past couple of years, and Tim shares how they have been putting Dave’s teachings into practice on the farm. There’s a lot of great information in this discussion, including some “hacks” for dealing with weather fluctuations in cooler regions.

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Student POV: Dave’s Online Course

Lisa & Brenda Hayden of Aunt B’s Blossoms

A student’s “Point Of View” of Dave Dowling’s course: Bulbs, Perennials, Woodies, & More!

Take a look inside Dave’s course

Podcasts Featuring Dave Dowing: