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#111: Lisa Z & Dave Dowling: Overcoming Challenges to Become a Flower Farmer

by | Mar 17, 2022

Hello and welcome to the Field & Garden podcast! I’m Jessi Graven from The Gardener’s Workshop. Today I’d like to present a conversation between Lisa Mason Ziegler and Dave Dowling from 2019 in which they tackle some of the most common challenges that people face while working to become a flower farmer. There are also some great stories in here about when Lisa and Dave were first starting their flower farming journeys, so I hope you enjoy!

Challenges mentioned: Lack of Experience, No Cooler, No Acreage, No Greenhouse or Hoophouse, No Money, No Delivery Vehicle, No Tractor, Nowhere to sell flowers nearby, No Hired Help, Too Old, Single Parent

Lisa & Dave explain how we can overcome these challenges to achieve our flower farming dreams!


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Thank you for joining me here The Field & Garden Podcast, I’m Jessi Graven with The Gardener’s Workshop and I hope you have a great day!