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  • If you are growing cut flowers and don’t have Allan Armitage’s books, now is the time! They should be in every farmer’s library. Visit his bookstore and use the code ‘Lisa’ for free shipping. (U.S. domestic orders only).
  • Growing for Market magazine has published practical ideas and information for direct market flower and vegetable growers for over 30 years. The magazine is still on the same mission as when The Flower Farmer book author Lynn Byczynski founded it in 1992: to connect growers with the best ideas from other growers.You’ll find dedicated flower content in every issue, as well as 1,600+ archived articles from flower farmers like Erin Benzakein, Gretel Adams, Pamela & Frank Arnosky, and Jonathan & Megan Leiss available online. With ten new issues every year, available on paper, digital, or both, you’re guaranteed to find something to fine-tune your farm. If you do farmers markets, CSA, farmstand, pick your own, florist sales, or wholesaling, whether you’re a commercial grower or just want to grow like one, subscribe to Growing for Market for the nitty-gritty details of growing, marketing, and the business of local farming. Use the coupon code WORKSHOP to get 25% off any new subscription at  (code does not apply to renewals)

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