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Surprises in Pittsburgh

by | Aug 26, 2013

A goldfinch flew out of the rudbeckia and I should have been used to that, but I was not in Lisa’s garden, I was in the middle of Pittsburgh!

Other things I did not expect but found along city streets:














Celosia in every color














A towering dinosaur in front of Carnegie music hall














Beautiful gardens around the Stephen Foster Memorial














Hot Belgian waffles reminiscent of those Robby and I bought on the streets of Brussels  45 years ago, when first in love.

Another thing I didn’t expect was an enormous Flemish rabbit named Suitcase hopping around the streets being trained as a therapy bunny.

Most of all, I didn’t expect to leave my purse at a rest area on interstate 95 on my way to Pittsburgh to help my sister through hip surgery there. But that’s another story.

What I did expect and hope for was my sister’s returning to health in a speedy way and that’s what I got, so all is well!