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#231: Battle of My Head vs. My Heart

#231: Battle of My Head vs. My Heart

I question everything this time of the season just before the farm bursts into bloom. Will it survive? What is eating that? Why this year? I must remind myself to step back and allow my mind to overrule my impulsive heart's reaction! Hope this brings you relief, Lisa...

#29 – Eucalyptus with Dave Dowling

#29 – Eucalyptus with Dave Dowling

 Love the beautiful blue-green and silvery gray foliage of eucalyptus but have some questions about growing it? Today, Lisa and Layne are joined by Dave Dowling of Ball Seed to discuss all things eucalyptus. They cover why eucalyptus is worth growing, the presence of...

#230: Pre-Chilled Tulips with Gretel Adams

Think you can't grow tulips in your climate? Struggling with really short tulips? Have great tulips, but wish you had them earlier in the season? Gretel and I cover all this and more! Join me as I chat with Gretel Adams of Sunny Meadows Flower Farm in Columbus, Ohio....