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Book Set, All Three of Lisa’s Books

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Set includes:
– The Cut Flower Handbook
– Cool Flowers
– Vegetables Love Flowers
– 2 Book Studies & a
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All Three of Lisa's Books

This book set includes all three books currently in print, signed by author Lisa Mason Ziegler:
- The Cut Flower Handbook + PDF Download: The Flowers That Didn't Make the Handbook
- Cool Flowers + Virtual Book Study
- Vegetables Love Flowers + Virtual Book Study

The Cut Flower Handbook:
Learn how to grow an abundance of beautiful cut flowers for pleasure or profit. This handbook includes 41 cool-season and 25 warm-season flowers to grow and harvest. This book is a powerful reference tool that you'll come back to again and again!

Cool Flowers:
Learn how to grow cool-season hardy annual flowers that are the most beautiful spring & early summer bloomers. Lisa's first book in the series, written with home gardeners in mind but building on the foundation of the success she cultivated for over 25 years as a commercial flower farmer.

Vegetables Love Flowers:
Lisa tells all as she shares why flowers are the missing link in many gardens, that they complete the chain to be able to grow an organic garden. It is simple really, flowers attract pollinators, beneficial insects, and other good creatures to the garden that provide nature’s most powerful pest control, pollination, and more! Utilize Lisa's plans for a 3-season cutting garden to enhance your natural environment and beautify your garden with flowers!


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