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Collectives 101

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A guide for joining and selling through
regional wholesale hubs
with Amelia Ihlo

Are you looking to scale your flower farming business and want to join an existing collective? Or maybe you’re interested in organizing growers in your area to formalize your own co-op? Amelia covers the ins and outs of how collectives work, and why they have value to you as a grower or a group of growers.

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Collectives 101

Are you interested in scaling your business and want to sell in an existing collective? Or are you a novice grower looking to professionalize your operation before approaching a collective? Or maybe you’re trying to organize growers in your area to formalize your own co-op?

The workshop is designed for growers at all stages, regardless of how long you’ve been on the farming journey. Whether you are looking to sell into an existing collective or working to build a new one, the goal of the course is to help you set expectations, understand the ins and outs of how collectives work, and why they have value to you as a grower or a group of growers.

Amelia Ihlo, founder of Rooted Farmers and owner of Reverie Flowers, shares her first-hand experience running her own collective and working with numerous collectives throughout the country.

In this course you will learn:

  • The role of collectives in today’s floriculture industry
  • Why collectives are beneficial from a grower and designer point of view
  • How collective cash flows work
  • The typical collective timeline
  • First year expectations
  • What is a collective admin and what is their role?
  • How to handle communication
  • Collective logistics and order fulfillment
  • How to approach consistency and set standards
  • How to think about marketing a collective
  • How to build relationships

Watch Amelia’s welcome video (above) from the course to get a preview of what’s included in this course. Selling through a collective is one of the best ways to streamline operations, scale your business, and increase your sales volume! Listen to Lisa’s latest podcast What is a Collective, Anyway? Interview with Amelia Ihlo.

View the Collectives 101 Panel Review & Discussion. 

What is NOT included in this course:

While resources are provided in the course on how to choose a business structure, this course will not go in-depth about the different models of collectives (for-profit versus. non-profit; solely owned versus jointly owned; physical market versus delivery-only model etc.). Rooted Farmers works with groups utilizing all of these structures and we’ve found that each region will apply the concept a bit differently to find a model that suits their particular group of growers and their geography best.

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    Meet Amelia Ihlo


    Founder of Rooted Farmers and owner of Reverie Flowers, Amelia Ihlo lives with her husband, three children, and animals on their rural New Hampshire farm (Zone 4b). Amelia also manages a collective of growers selling into the greater Boston area.

    Amelia founded Rooted Farmers in 2019 after seeing an opportunity to improve the business of flower farming. As a flower grower herself, she found herself spending too much time on the administration of her farm and the process of selling. Hours dedicated to inventory management, availability lists, managing multiple sales channels (wholesale, CSAs, retail), order management and generating harvest lists were coming at the expense of her ability to produce more flowers, and she knew there had to be a better way. 

    Amelia is passionate about improving access to locally-grown flowers, and is excited to be working alongside hundreds of growers and florists across the country; together, they are building resources and tools to solve challenges facing those in our industry. 

    Listen to Amelia’s interviews on The Flower Podcast with Scott Shepherd ‘How to Sell Local Flowers’ and ‘Roundtable Discussion with Lillian Calhoun of Calhoun Flower Farm, and Rhea Calpeno of Photosynthesis Floral Studio as well as her discussion with Debra Prizing on Slow Flowers to hear Rooted’s origin story.

    What Students Are Saying About This Course!

    2 reviews for Collectives 101

    1. Amanda Montgomery

      This is the resource I wish I had when starting our local market in Richmond, VA. It would have saved me hours of work and brain power.

      Amelia takes participants through what to consider as you are forming a collective on the micro and macro level. I found the section on the floral industry and it’s history really enlightening and gives me a renewed sense of why local flowers and collectives are so important.

      She doesn’t sugar coat that a collective is a lot of work but she also highlights how wonderful it can be for both growers and buyers. It’s an effort that is very worthwhile and Amelia really empowers through this course. Highly recommend!

    2. Jill

      This course is an absolute MUST for anyone considering starting or joining a local Collective!

      Amelia was so thoughtful in her approach to this course, and created something extremely hearty and thorough so you can feel confident in your new venture.

      I manage a Collective out of Connecticut and always have an inbox full of aspiring Collectives looking for answers on how to begin. I’m so grateful that I now I have this stellar resource to share, knowing that it’s the best information anyone can get on this topic, and all in one convenient place!

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