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Flower Farming School Online:

The Basics, Annual Crops, Marketing, and More!

Online School with Lisa Mason Ziegler

Wondering if you can produce enough on your small space to have a business and to do it with no greenhouse or cooler? Lisa has done it for 25+ years and you can too! This school is her road map sharing the building block steps to becoming a successful flower farmer or how to hit the reset button on an existing flower farming business.

Online School with Lisa Mason Ziegler
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Make Money Selling Cut Flowers!

We are proud to be at the forefront of the local flower farming movement, empowering individuals all over the world to profitably grow and sell flowers from their own backyard.

While flower farmers across the US are reporting average sales of $25,000 to $30,000 per acre, we know that this 100% depends on the type of market they’re selling into, the region, and the skill set of the grower.

Start From Your Own Backyard! Our founder, Lisa Mason Ziegler, started in her backyard & you can too! We recommend beginners start small with a ¼ acre or less.

2,854 Students Enrolled

Your Instructor, Lisa Mason Ziegler

Commercial Urban Flower Farmer For 25+ Years

Authored 3 Books On Flowers

National Speaker

Owner Of The Gardener’s Workshop

Lisa’s Past Speaking Engagements

Don’t Go It Alone!

Turn Your Passion Into a New Career!

Unfortunately, many aspiring flower farmers struggle to turn their passion into a profitable business. Despite their love for flowers, they often find it difficult to grow and sell them in a way that generates an income.

Starting a flower farm can be incredibly frustrating and disheartening. Without proper training, you may waste time and money on ineffective techniques, make costly mistakes, or struggle to reach customers and build a successful brand.

Unlock Insider Flower Farming Secrets!

Transform your dreams into reality with this beginner-friendly online flower farming school. From soil preparation to harvest and beyond, this school covers all the essential elements of flower farming and helps students grow their business with confidence.

What Past Students Are Saying

Follow Our Simple Step-by-Step Process

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Study from anywhere, at any time, on any device for life. Purchase this school today & get full access to the all content immediately at your fingertips!

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to take you from a flower farming beginner to expert with OVER 18 HOURS of presentations and in the field how-to videos spread out over 6 bite-sized modules. PLUS, 2,371 easily accessible & searchable past Frequently Asked Questions with Lisa.

Purchase one of our flower farming schools or mini-courses today to get full access to the content immediately at your fingertips!

Lisa’s School Content

Video Sessions

Bonus Trainings

Printable Handouts

Class 1 - Starting and Sustaining a Business

Session 1 – Clearing Time to Start and Run a Business

‒ Where does the workday go?
‒ Why and how to do a brain dump
‒ How to structure the business day
‒ Tips to really make this all possible

Session 2 – The Business 

‒ Why starting small is the best way
‒ The name and face of the business
‒ The jump from gardener to flower farmer
‒ Online Printing Services

Session 3 – Money Matters

‒ How to get paid
‒ Why you need a CPA
‒ Keeping the books
‒ Financial goal
‒ Bookkeeping Software & Credit Card Processors

Session 4 – Getting Legal & Professional

‒ Why having a plan is important
‒ How to be a professional
‒ Why you need insurance
‒ Licensing and sales tax

Session 5 – Taking Stock of What You Have

‒ How to make the most out of what you have
‒ Taking an inventory can be an eye opener
‒ Thinking about cash to start the business

Session 6 – Getting Organized

‒ How to create a farm guide and record even if you are a terrible record keeper like me!
‒ The weekly schedule of a flower farm
‒ How to stick to your schedule

Session 7 – Life Balance

‒ How to draw a line in the sand
‒ It’s not rocket science–but persistence
‒ When to hire help

Session 8 – Business Stumpers

‒ Some of the common issues that can stop us dead in our business tracks.

Bonus Content

‒ When to Hire Training Video
‒ Multiple Recorded Live Q&A Sessions

Class 2 - Building and Managing the Working Garden

Session 1 – Working Garden Design

‒ Think beyond planting- plan for maintenance and tear down
‒ Laying out beds
‒ Windbreaks and drainage
‒ Rotation of crops

Session 2 – Soil Building and Management

‒ Getting a garden started
‒ Season to season soil building
‒ Leaf mold and compost
‒ Using organic fertilizers

Session 3 – Making Beds

This session is made up of 5 separate videos:
‒ 3a Making beds by hand
‒ 3b Making beds with a tiller
‒ 3c Making beds with a tractor and bed maker
‒ 3d Finishing beds
‒ 3e Tips

Session 4 – Flower Farming Tools

This session is made up of 4 separate videos:
‒ 4a About irrigation
‒ 4b Installing flower support netting
‒ 4c Talking fertilizers
‒ 4d Making a low tunnel

Session 5 – Cover Cropping

‒ The benefits
‒ How to include them in your garden
‒ Warm-season crops
‒ Cool-season crop

Session 6 – Weed & Pest Concerns

‒ Preventing weed
‒ Reading the soil with what weeds are telling you
‒ Ditch pesky crops
‒ ID insects first

Bonus Content

‒ Weed Control
‒ No Till Beds
‒ No Till Planting
‒ Why to Use Support Netting
‒ Multiple Recorded Live Q&A Sessions

Class 3 - Selling What you Grow

Session 1 – Potential Customers

‒ Breaking the image of yesteryear
‒ What markets might fit you?
‒ Growing for your market
‒ Pricing- don’t undersell yourself and the rest of us!

Session 2 – Deep Dive on Specific Customer Types

‒ 2a Florists
‒ 2b Farmers markets
‒ 2c Supermarkets
‒ 2d Members-only market and bouquet subscriptions
‒ 2e Farm stands, pick-your-own, designers, DIY brides, weddings and events, wholesale houses, co-ops and others

Session 3 – Customer Service

‒ Customers are always right
‒ Making it convenient to buy from us
‒ Look like the professional you are

Session 4 – Marketing

‒ Face-to-Face opportunities
‒ Social media
‒ Freebies

Session 5 – Making Bouquets

‒ Preparing to make bouquet
‒ Making bouquets

Bonus Content

‒ Preparing buckets for bouquet making
‒ Selling
‒ Missing Markets
‒ Market Display
‒ Making a Spring Bouquet
‒ Social Media System
‒ Selling in a Contactless World
‒ Why Build an Email List?
‒ Docs for Gathering Orders
‒ Multiple Recorded Live Q&A Sessions

Class 4 - What to Grow

Session 1 – Seasonal Growing Outdoors

‒ Why to have a road map
‒ The skills of growing outdoors
‒ Growing to fit your conditions

Session 2 – Producing Consistently

‒ Succession planting
‒ Easier to sell a steady crop
‒ Sticking with the schedule
‒ Planning how much to grow

Session 3 – Growing Warm-Season Annuals

‒ When to plant
‒ Giving them what they want
‒ Keeping the blooms coming

Session 4 – Growing Cool-Season Annuals

‒ When to plant
‒ Giving them what they want
‒ Keeping the blooms coming

Session 5 – The Supportive Landscape

‒ Planting beyond of the garden
‒ Windbreaks
‒ Backup plantings

Session 6A – My Top Warm-Season Annuals



Session 6B – My Top Cool-Season Annuals

Session 7 – Other Crops



Bonus Content

‒ Grow List
‒ Peony Types
‒ Tuberose Digging Tip
‒ Accessing Bonus Course – Cool Flowers Field Grower’s Report
‒ Multiple Recorded Live Q&A Sessions

Class 5 - Starting Seeds

Session 1 – Do I Start Seeds or Purchase Plants?

‒ Sourcing seeds and reading a catalog
‒ Storing seeds
‒ Knowing when to buy seeds or plugs
‒ Buying plugs

Session 2A – How to Start and Grow Transplants Indoors

‒ Steps to starting seeds indoors
‒ Planting plug trays
‒ Rooting cuttings
‒ About soil blocks and care

Session 2B – Soil Blocking

‒ How to make, plant and maintain soil blocks
‒ All Things Soil Blocking includes the recipe
‒ Brands of soil that are for soil blocking
‒ Tubs for mixing blocking mix and water
‒ Row covers, hoops, and weight bags The Gardener’s Workshop and Nolts

Session 3 – How to Plant Seeds in the Garden

‒ Tips for success
‒ Preparing the bed top
‒ Planting seeds
‒ Preventing and eliminating weeds

Session 4 – Rules of Commercial Seed Starting

‒ How many seeds to start
‒ When to start the seed
‒ Pinching seedlings
‒ Planting seedlings in the garden

Session 5 – Making a Germination Chamber

‒ Why a chamber
‒ Supplies needed
‒ Steps to making a chamber

Session 6 – The Seed Starting Calendar

Bonus Content

‒ Seed Starting
‒ Pinching Annuals
‒ Cool Flower pinching in fall and winter
‒ Ammi Majus Germination Tip
‒ Sprouting Stage Tip
‒ Watering Tip
‒ Pinching Lisianthus
‒ Thinning Bells and Giant Poppies in very early spring.
‒ Spring Walk of Cool Flowers
‒ Direct Seeded Cool Flowers
‒ The Grow Room
‒ Multiple Recorded Live Q&A Sessions

Class 6 - Harvesting and Conditioning Cut Flowers

Session 1 – The Commercial Harvesters Toolbox

‒ Equipment
‒ Preparing buckets
‒ Getting the buckets to the flowers
‒ Bucket washing station
‒ Cool room and cooler

Session 2 – Harvesting Practices

‒ Harvesting techniques
‒ Bloom quality related to the harvest schedule
‒ Stretching flash crops
‒ Bud stage to harvest
‒ When to trash flowers

Session 3 – Conditioning Steps and Products

‒ Why to use products
‒ How to use on a farm
‒ Educating customers
‒ Where to purchase

Session 4a – Where to Make the Cut

‒ What stage to harvest a bloom
‒ Where to make to cut
‒ Proper stripping

Session 4b – Harvest Tips Tender Annuals

‒ My warm-season tender annual harvest tips.

Session 4c – Harvest Tips Hardy Annuals

‒ My cool-season hardy annual harvest tips.

Bonus Content

‒ Harvesting Calla Lily
‒ Harvesting Lisianthus
‒ Harvesting Celosia, Plumes & Cockscomb
‒ Harvesting Hairy Balls
‒ Harvesting Zinnias
‒ Stage to Harvest Lime Light Millet
‒ Cool Flower and Sunflower Harvesting
‒ Multiple Recorded Live Q&A Sessions

PLUS, get these additional bonuses to help you master flower farming

BONUS 1: “Cool Flowers” Field Grower’s Report

This exclusive “cool flowers” tool is a living report built by field growers from around the world. Detailing their field grown cool flower experiences from just about every USDA plant hardiness zone so you can learn about new cool flowers & where others have had success or failures growing in similar climates.

“Cool Flowers” Field Grower's Report

BONUS 2: Exclusive 1,700+ Member Facebook Community

Connect with almost like-minded individuals: Being part of a community of students who share the same interest in flower farming can help you stay up-to-date on industry trends, get access to exclusive resources, along with receiving feedback and support from your peers.
1,700+ Member Facebook Community

BONUS 3: Access to Our Gallery of  200+  Flower Images

Use our high quality images on your website, emails, or social media pages to help attract potential customers, leading to increased brand awareness and ultimately, more business opportunities.
Gallery of  200+  Flower Images

BONUS 4: 34 Bonus Training Videos

We’re dedicated to helping you become a flower farming master. That’s why we’ve created 34 bonus training videos that cover everything from pinching and watering to harvesting and conditioning, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between School courses and Mini-Workshops?

Mini-Workshops vary from sixty minutes to over four hours of instruction, see individual courses for details. Each of these courses offers lots of valuable information on a specific topic that you can digest in a short amount of time and put into action right away.

School course content is much more comprehensive and covers broad topics. School courses are meant to serve as a long-term reference tool that you will use all throughout the course of your flower farming journey. Each course includes 6 modules, which each contain multiple video training sessions, instructor worksheets, and handouts, and an FAQ archive. All of the course sessions (including the FAQs) are searchable by keyword, so you can always find and go directly to the information that you need at any given time.

May I watch the workshop more than once?

You have lifetime unlimited access to your purchased courses.

Do I have unlimited access?

You have lifetime unlimited access to your purchased courses.

Do I have to watch at a certain time?

You can watch the courses anytime at your convenience. Purchased On-Demand Courses will appear in your library immediately and will always be there for viewing. Purchased School Courses will appear in your library as the course progresses. Normally one class a week until all classes loaded and will always be there for viewing.

Do you offer course discounts?

Yes, once you are part of our course family (owning any online course or workshop) you will automatically receive a special $50 off link via email. Please note, you must use this link to receive the discount.

I live outside of the USA, may I purchase a course?

Yes, our online courses are available internationally.

Are the courses focused on growing in a specific region or area?

No, the courses are based on methods to apply to any growing area.
Free Sneak Peek<br />

Free Sneak Peek

In this FREE 13 minute video session from my school, you will learn how to hook up irrigation for your farm along with access to my list of preferred irrigation suppliers.

What Past Students Are Saying

122 reviews for Flower Farming School Online: The Basics, Annual Crops, Marketing, and More!

  1. Kim Manning Wands (store manager)

    Lisa’s course lays the foundation for flower farming and then Dave’s course makes it explode with knowledge! I learned so much and am presently trying new plants and flowers that I discovered through his course. What a great team these guys make!! Highly recommend this class!!!

  2. Shelia Ball Walls (store manager)

    I took both classes this past year. I was afraid I might be wasting my money. I have been a home gardener for 25 years and know a lot about flowers and plants and growing conditions in the landscape. However, I learned quickly that is not the same as flower Farming! Lisa and Dave both have a wealth of knowledge that have been extremely helpful to me to get started in cut flower production. I also love that I can go back and listen to different parts of a course to refresh my memory! You will learn to work smarter and plan better from these courses!

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